BIRTHFIT is a movement, an approach to birth, a state of readiness, and a support team for women going through the Motherhood Transition.

Our Mission is to cultivate awareness and enhance education throughout the motherhood transition by developing and producing one of a kind BIRTHFIT experiences through in-person classes and distance learning so that a woman has the space to make her own informed, intuitively guided choices.

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BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series Breath & Flow

In this series of 4 classes over 4 weeks, you will focus on breathing and core rehabilitation. Our goal is to move freely and with intention, enhance your posture, and wake up the posterior chain. Breath & Flow is ideal for those who are 4-12 weeks postpartum, but any phase of postpartum can join! We will:

  • Begin with breath work and evolve into full body functional motor patterns.

  • Establish a solid core foundation, wake up your posterior chain, and enhance your posture through safe, effective movements that transfer to any activity in your daily life.

  • This course can serve as its own BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series or is a great starting point for the traditional BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series.

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BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series

You've gone through the marathon of labor and birth, take the time to recover from the most beautiful and athletic event of your life. This course is for those who are at least 6 weeks postpartum, but is also great for moms 1, 2 or even 3 years postpartum. This series of 8 classes over 4 weeks will help you to establish a solid core foundation and return to - or learn - functional movement patterns safely. We will discuss pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis rectus abdominis, in addition to:

  • Learning to honor your postpartum body

  • Establish a solid core foundation

  • Wake up your posterior chain

  • Enhance your posture through safe, effective functional movements that transfer into everyday life tasks.

Come prepared to move, sweat, and connect with other new moms. 


BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series

In four 3-hour group sessions, or a 2-day weekend intensive, you and your birth partner will become educated and prepared for birth.

  • You will encounter the four pillars of BIRTHFIT, which are fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection.

  • You will experience functional mobility, natural movement, and breath work.

  • You will discover your own birth desires and design your personal Queen in Training postpartum plan. 

  • This is a comprehensive childbirth education class for Mom and Partner.



This is a four-hour course that covers BIRTHFIT in a nutshell.  In a small group environment, you'll learn:

  • basic functional movements

  • an overview of real food nutritional guidelines

  • simple ways to incorporate mindset training into your daily routine

  • the importance of chiropractic care during pregnancy and postpartum

The BIRTHFIT Workshop is ideal for women who are currently pregnant or are hoping to become pregnant soon, but is appropriate for any woman who is looking to improve herself and her health through movement and community, and anyone who works with pregnant and postpartum women.

NOTE: this is NOT a workout. We will cover breath work and functional movements (as well as checking and healing/preventing diastasis recti) so please dress in comfortable workout clothes.


BIRTHFIT Basics Consultation

A one-time, face to face 60-minute consultation with Stephanie Bryant. The BIRTHFIT Basics consultation will provide you with the avenue to explore pregnancy, strategies to enhance nutrition, movement and workout suggestions, and practical advice to prepare for labor and delivery.

The BIRTHFIT Basics consultation is not to replace any advice of your health care provider nor will it give you a medical prescription advice or a diagnosis. BIRTHFIT Fernie will give you support, information, and a constant resource for you to explore and take an active role in your pregnancy.

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BIRTHFIT Chiropractic Services

Schedule a prenatal or postpartum visit with Dr. Stephanie Bryant by calling our office or clicking the link below to book online at Kootenay Chiropractic & Sports Performance.

Chiropractic Visit Fees start at $50*

New clients: please contact us at (778) 519-5287

Existing clients can book online ↓

*Price is subject to change depending on visit length and the type of care an individual requires.

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Come learn all about the BIRTHFIT movement in this FREE introductory one-hour workshop!

The BIRTHFIT Power Hour covers the basics of what it means to be BIRTHFIT and why we place so much emphasis on the four pillars of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection as they relate to pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

This is for anyone looking to understand more about BIRTHFIT Fernie and our offerings, whether you are planning on getting pregnant, pregnant now, a mama or her partner. Just bring your curiosity and questions!

There are no Power Hours currently scheduled. If your organization would like to host a free power hour for your members, clients or employees, please contact us.


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Giving birth may be the most athletic event of your life.

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